Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Supporting global LGBT Rights during the #Sochi Olympics!

Many of us have watched events unfold in Russia with absolute disgust and horror.  Being sold out by corporations like Coca Cola, Visa, NBC, the list goes on and on.  LGBT rights are less important than the almighty dollar.  But is there anything we can do from home?

My friend Will Welch came up with the most brilliant idea!  I plan on participating, and want as many of you to join in!  I'm sharing his Facebook note, with permission.

Dear Friends,   The Olympics are little more than 2 weeks away in Sochi, Russia.  As you all certainly know by now, the Russian government passed harsh anti-LGBT laws that have led to increased violence and legal marginalization of LGBT Russians. For this reason, many groups have condemned the International Olympic Committee for their decision to allow Russia to host the Olympics, especially since discrimination such as this is against the Olympic charter.  There was even a push to move the games at the last minute from Sochi to Vancouver, to no avail.  The danger that has been brought upon LGBT Russians is inexcusable.  Vladimir Putin does not deserve to host the Olympic games. He is going to anyway, but WE DON"T HAVE TO WATCH.

  • BEAR WITH ME HERE!!  I know that many of you want to watch the Olympics, or will be in family/friend situations where you will naturally find yourself doing it. However, as long as there is some time (hopefully a lot of time :)  you can set aside during the games to deliberately do something else and tweet and/or facebook about it using the hashtag #NotwatchingtheOlypmics, you can help:
  • Imagine what kind of a message can be sent to Putin and corporate sponsors of the games if a large number of people not only reduced their viewership significantly, but also filled up social media with the message that we are #NotwatchingtheOlympics . It's too easy to pass up right? 
  • Here are some fun examples:
    1. "I can't wait to watch old reruns of Golden Girls while I'm #NotwatchingtheOlympics "
    2. "Ack! I skied straight into a tree today while I was #NotwatchingtheOlympics "
    3. "Having a great time bowling with my family in support of #LGBTRights while we're #NotwatchingtheOlympics "
  • You can even start planning now what you might want to do when you are #NotwatchingtheOlympics  
  • P.S. If you don't have twitter, I would suggest getting one even if just for this.  You don't have to follow anyone for your hashtags to count.