Monday, March 19, 2012

The "I Want To Know What It's Like" Video

If you have not yet seen the "I Want To Know What It's Like" video, you really should take 5 minutes, sit down, and watch!  I've seen it said that this is the gay rights video that will give you chills.  In my opinion, that is an underpayment.  The power of poetry, the power of performance poetry, well, it can be an amazing thing.  A friend pointed this out to me yesterday, and I was just blown away.  Yes, I'll admit, I did get chills, but more than that, I bawled.  It is moving.  I posted it on my facebook page and a friend commented that it made her want to go march the streets!  Yes!  If only we could get more people to feel that way from a simple video or two, imagine the impact if every single person who is moved by this video (currently over 600,000 hits) not only shared it with loved ones, but immediately took some form of direct action.  Be it a phone call, a letter or two, or literally took to the streets to start conversations and raise awareness?  What are we waiting for?  Like the video says, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE!


This video is part of a project, the Second Class Citizens film, you can visit their facebook page here for more information.

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