Sunday, May 6, 2012

Did I Piss You Off?

A poem by me. (comments or discussion of the issue welcome)

Did I piss you off?
I'm sorry, but you see --
       Hold on!  Wait!
       No, I am not sorry,
       I refuse to
         because that serves only to legitimize
                     those who hate,
               and those who say
     "I'm on your side, but you have 
       to understand that there is too much at stake.
       If we stand strong for 'you gays' we could 
       lose it all for heaven's sake!"
  With friends like these
   Who needs
                            Romneys               Santorums         Bachmanns        NOM                  FRC      or the Neo-Nazzis!
For too many decades we have
        picketed, marched, fought,
        asked nicely, ran for office,
        taken beatings, been slandered, 
        been demonized, and DIED.
  You've heard us saying #wecantwait
  Well now I say #wewontwait !
              Why is our community content to 
               take crumbs of equality while
               being asked to give, give, and
               give some more?
     We're better than that
           We're stronger than that 
                 We're smarter than that
Stand up today
                 and say
     I AM Somebody!
     I AM a force to be reckoned with
  I deserve equality
                     Right here!
                     Right now!
       Not just when its convenient for the
       political games of our leadrers.
Did I piss you off?
      Good!  That means you're listening.
  The game is changing -- equality is possible
        evolve or get the fuck
          out of the way!  


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