Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shooting at Family Research Council

I am saddened to hear of a shooting at the Family Research Council's offices today.  Saddened because we're hearing of yet another person who thought violence was the way to make a statement or make his mark on the world.  Saddened because instantly, there is speculation that the shooter may have been gay and the shooting motivated as an attack on a group who works hard to spread hatred and misinformation against LGBT people.  Whether this person was gay or not, whatever his reason for doing this, I am saddened and sickened, as always, by the violence of this act.  Answering hate with hate and violence with violence will not get anybody anywhere.  My thoughts are with the security guard who was shot in hopes of a speedy recovery.  Now, let's duck down and prepare for the slinging of stinky mud from the likes of FRC, NOM, etc on how all homosexuals are now gun-toting lunatics. :-(


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  1. And here we go! Truly dispicable!