Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Limbaugh and Bane

So Rush Limbaugh's latest rant is over the new Batman movie's use of the villain Bane.  He asserts that this is a liberal conspiracy to plant seeds of doubt in more minds against Mitt Romney (Bane Capital).  Never mind that the script for this movie was written years ago.  Is this typical Limbaugh lunacy?

Limbaugh isn't totally off his rocker, you know. Bane could have been placed in the new Batman movie as a villain as a conspiracy against Romney... EVEN THOUGH Bane first appeared in comics in 1993... because, you know, using Romney logic, you can do things retroactively now. So Hollywood retroactively had this character created in '93 so that it could be used conspiratorially in 2012. Still with me?



  1. That is the only reasonable answer, if you really think about it. That, or Aliens.

    1. Oh, don't get them started on Aliens, it's the GOP, they'll start ranting about illegal aliens.

  2. Clearly Rush is back on the oxy-contin!